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A glimpse into the Year 2020!

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From starting off this year with a wonderful opportunity to work beside my husband in a project for which we travelled to Punjab's various cities, to learning the new normal because of "The Pandemic",wearing masks, washing off hands after every hour or so, sanitizing groceries and everything which came from outside, new meaning to social distancing, from living in the house 24/7 alongwith the whole susraal (10 people).

From trying out new recipes with the prefix restaurant style because of the lockdown, to playing board games and cleaning the house with the help of whole family. 

To celebrating Ramadan and Eid together amidst the lockdown ( perhaps one of the best ramdans I have ever had) to realising that we need very little to live this life to the most. 

From realising the fact that I wasnt going to meet my parents that often during the lockdown, I miss my family alot even though I get to meet up with them almost everyweek after the lockdown was lifted, to celebrating 1 year wedding anniversary in this November 2020. From testing positive for Covid to becoming thankful for health and happiness. 

New relationships added( became a khala the 2nd time and Tayi for the first time) , new friends made, old friendships became stronger, one of my best friend got married @Zaina. Actually 2 friends.To finally saying goodbye to my only brother who has gone to make his dreams come true.  

I have actually travelled the most in this year than I have in my entire life,

(Turkey2019-Punjab-Abudhabi-northern areas of Pakistan).


This year was amazing in its own way and it taught us the value of having our loved ones in our lives, to live the most with very little, to enjoy every moment, it made us learn so many new things, from experimenting with the ideas that were deep down in our minds, to do something for ourselves and our families . 2020 taught us that we can live with the uncertainity.

Goodbye 2020!

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