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Expectations from 2021

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Hi everyone,

It has been a week, since we all entered in the year 2021! hope you all enjoyed your new year celebrations and I'm sure most of you must have decided or planned something for this year, according to your expectations and ground realities. 

I also have planned something for myself, we all know that the past year was nothing but the year of uncertainties'! and all of us are "hoping" that this year turns out a bit more positive. 

My expectations are not heavy but I just want this year to give us time like 2020 did in the lockdowns, but not in the same manner obviously, to allow us to be more ourselves and to enjoy our lives more this year. I pray that our world gets rid of the Corona Virus. I hope in this year peace prevails, in our lives, in our homes, in the world at large.

Ever since this year started I was thinking that I haven't really set any goals for my life, and even when I have I was not really keeping them in line with my actions. SO I have decided to change this habit of mine and really do something to change my life a little bit this year. Let me tell you guys my goals are not very blingy :P the goals which I have set for the first three months are quiet normal and maybe very easy to achieve, BUT! I know myself and how lazy I am so if I am able to achieve these goals which I have set for myself then that would be a bhangra moment for me :D

  1. So the first "Goal" is to set my sleeping routine :D, I know it's a boring one but you guys don't know this yet, I love to sleep late and wake up late, before getting married my routine was really messed up, but because of my husband, (he is the one early to bed, early to rise kinda guy), my routine has changed a lot. This year I am going to make it more better. To quantify this goal, I am targeting wakeup time at 9:00 am, and sleeping time at 12! right now I sleep at around 2:00 am ;/
  2. The second goal would be to lose at least 7-8 kg, my weight right now is 72 :P and it's okay according to my height which is 5'5. But I want to be on the lower side of my BMI
  3. Third and final goal for the first quarter is to maintain a positive environment around me and try to shut off all the negative thoughts I entertain in my mind. I am an overthinker, I can easily lose sleep, and my time during the day overthinking matters which are not in my hands. I really try to control this habit of mine and sometimes I am successful in doing this but not most of the time. So this year hopefully I can focus on eliminating negativity and embracing positivity.

So these are my goals, I am taking baby steps and setting average goals, but I like average things in my life. I hope and I pray that I get the motivation of actually achieving these goals.

Let me know what are your expectations from this year in the comments below. Hope all of you achieve what you have in mind in this year. 

Have a nice day :)

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Posted on Feb. 15, 2021, 3:48 p.m.

Very nice blog👍🏻

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